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Sat 24th Nov 9am - 8pm
Sat 1st Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 8th Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 15th Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 22nd Dec 9am - 8pm
Sat 29th Dec 9am - 8pm

Cove Football & Social Club

The Home of Cove FC Seniors & Cove Youth FC

Confirmed Fixtures

KO for away games will be confirmed by the home team and advised by your coach

Thursday 22nd November
U18 YouthKnaphill U18HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 24th November
U07 CougarsRushmoor Community Eagles U7AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U07 PumasFleet Spurs Youth FC Dolphins U7AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U08 PanthersLiphook United Youth Tigers U8AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersMytchett Athletic FC Eagles U8AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U09 JaguarsFarnham Town Youth FC Harriers U9HOMEMUGA (full)10:00amLEAGUE
U09 LionsFleet Spurs Youth FC Wolves U9AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U10 CaracalsLiss Athletic FC Jaguars U10HOMEMUGA (full)11:00amLEAGUE
U10 CougarsHook United Youth FC Panthers U10AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U10 LeopardsCurley Park Rangers FC Buzzards U10HOMEMUGA (full)9:00amLEAGUE
U10 TigersHook United Youth FC Tigers U10AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsTadley Calleva Youth FC Tornados U11AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasFleet Town Colts Youth FC Vipers U11HOMESt Bernadettes11:00amLEAGUE
U12 LeopardsGrayshott Youth Football Club Falcons U12HOMESt Bernadettes9:30amLEAGUE
U12 LionsPetersfield Town Juniors Orcas U12AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U12 TigersMytchett Athletic FC Kestrels U12AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Knights U13HOMEOak Farm9:30amLEAGUE
U14 LionsChurt Juniors Football Club Warriors U14HOMEOak Farm11:00amLEAGUE
U14 UnitedCurley Park Rangers FC Panthers U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U15 YouthFarnham Town Youth FC Golds U15AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFC Deportivo GaliciaHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Sunday 25th November
U14 YouthOld Isleworthians Yth Reds U14HOMESamuel Cody12:30pmCUP
U16 YouthLiss Athletic FC Firebolts YouthAWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Tuesday 27th November
U18 YouthAlton FC Giants U10AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Thursday 29th November
Saturday 1st December
U08 PanthersHartley Wintney Junior FC Hawks U8HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersBadshot Lea Youth And Colts Wolves U8HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U11 JaguarsCurley Park Rangers FC Jaguars U11HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U11 PumasFarnham Town Youth FC Hawks U11AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U12 LeopardsHart Youth FC Cougars U12AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U12 LionsFrimley Green Boys & Girls FC Raptors U12HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U12 TigersKingsclere Youth FC U12HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersCamberley Town Youth Rebels U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U14 LionsFleet Spurs Youth FC Panthers U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U14 UnitedBourne Blades Badgers U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U15 YouthBadshot Lea Youth And Colts Bees U15HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFleet SpursAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Sunday 2nd December
U14 YouthSutton United Youth U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U17-U18 UnitedCaversham AFC Cobras U18HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
Tuesday 4th December
U18 YouthAsh UnitedAWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 8th December
U08 PanthersBinsted Football Club Angels U8HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U08 TigersFrimley Green Boys & Girls FC Royals U8AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U13 TigersLiss Athletic FC Panthers U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U14 LionsAlton FC Wolves U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
U14 UnitedHook United Youth FC Blues U14HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
U15 YouthHart Youth FC Sharks U15AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Sunday 9th December
U17-U18 UnitedSandhurst Town Boys & Girls F Reds U17AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Thursday 13th December
U18 YouthCamberley Town Youth Raiders U10AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 15th December
U13 TigersPetersfield Town Juniors Typhoons U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFarnham TownAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Sunday 16th December
U14 YouthAshtead Colts Wanderers U14AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 22nd December
XI First TeamFrimley GreenHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 29th December
XI First TeamSandhurst TownAWAYMain Pitch3:00pmCUP
Saturday 5th January
U13 TigersCamberley Boys FC U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamEpsom & EwellHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Thursday 10th January
U18 YouthWestfield U18HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 12th January
U13 TigersBourne Blades Foxes U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamFleet SpursHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 19th January
U13 TigersAlton FC Hurricanes U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamEversley & CaliforniaAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Monday 21st January
U18 YouthFleet SpursAWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
Saturday 26th January
U13 TigersTadley Calleva Youth FC Titans U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamSheerwaterHOME -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 2nd February
XI First TeamChessington & Hook UnitedAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 9th February
XI First TeamKensington BoroughHOME -----3:00pmCUP
Saturday 16th February
U13 TigersDeepcut Community FC U13HOME -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamDorking Wanderers ReservesAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 23rd February
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Buccaneers U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamGodalming TownAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 2nd March
XI First TeamBritish AirwaysHOME -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 9th March
U13 TigersHartley Wintney Junior FC Falcons U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamAC LondonHOME -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 16th March
U13 TigersFarnham Town Youth FC Knights U13AWAY -----KO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamBagshotAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 23rd March
U13 TigersLiss Athletic FC Panthers U13HOMEOak FarmKO TBALEAGUE
XI First TeamAsh UnitedAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Wednesday 27th March
XI First TeamFC Deportivo GaliciaAWAY -----7:45pmLEAGUE
Saturday 6th April
XI First TeamEversley & CaliforniaHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 13th April
XI First TeamTooting BecAWAY -----3:00pmLEAGUE
Saturday 20th April
XI First TeamFarnham TownHOMEMain Pitch3:00pmLEAGUE