Seniors And Youth Join Forces

Changes occur in life and quite a few have occurred at YOUR football club.
Cove FC and our affiliated clubs unite to rebuild and improve.
Cove FC, Cove Youth FC, Cove Walking Football and the MUGA business were all operating in blissful isolation and ignoring the huge possibility there might not be any more football, clubhouse, parties etc. due to ever increasing debts, reducing number of events, drink sales down and a kitchen in decline for food orders.

Add the long list of DIY refurbishment to it all and the situation was perilous with the writing on the wall.

With 120 years of rich history and thousands of hours of heritage at Cove FC something had to be done.

Chairman of the Senior Club, Salvatore Diprima and the Chairman of the Youth Mark Endacott formed a promising relationship back in January 2016.

Both shared a vision to put Cove back on the map and recover from our present position and develop the club. It had to be given a chance and a future.

This being inclusion of Youth Managers in the Senior Club operation and the young players of the Youth being part of the Senior Club squad plans going forward.

Something never considered in the last 13 years by previous senior club managers or their committee.
Salv and Mark proposed the club ‘Acts as One’ with the addition of Committee members from all our associated parts.

When the word started to spread many were in agreement and wanted to be part of the change so they joined the committee of the senior club to help.

Many meetings were held including the AGM which brought about brave decisions to improve the facilities in the clubhouse and pitch side.

Although teetering on the verge of collapse Cove FC turned the corner and vastly improved.

This has brought together members of over 200 youth players and their families and over 100 Walking Footballers who can enjoy their own club.

Refurbishments occured inside and out.
Youth Football
Seniors Football
Walking Football

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